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Paul Onteri

Junior Software Engineer

Paul Onteri (he/him) is a modern magician, a Software Engineer, who loves speaking the language of robots, building software and solving exciting problems.

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Some of the main goals of this site are to provide a place for him to share his thoughts and experiences with others and help combat gatekeeping in the tech industry. This in turn will help him learn and become a more competent Software Engineer.

All views here are my own and are not endorsed by any company or organization.

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django-serverless-cron 🦡

django-serverless-cron 🦡

django-serverless-cron 🦡 is a Django app (library/package) with a simpler approach running cron jobs (mostly in a serverless environment) through HTTP requests with an integration with the Django admin. This allows you to run any task without having to manage always-on infrastructure.

There is also an option to run jobs via management commands and the Django admin.




Remote Code Execution System 👨‍💻

Remote Code Execution System 👨‍💻

A web application that is used to write and run code from any browser. It currently supports Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, Go, Rust, e.t.c.

Designed and built over a weekend it for my friends (or anyone) who don’t have their computers close by often (or at all). They now have a place to code - any browser!

The system had over 400+ visitors and ran code 1200+ times in the first five days of launching it. At the same time, the open-source repository on GitHub also got 62 Stars and 200+ visitors. It was also hacked! - I was able to secure it better after that.



Building the operating system for schools. We improve student learning outcomes by analysing and visualizing educational data plus streamlining the school’s communication with parents.

School management, E-learning, plus Powerful Data Analysis & Communication Tools For Schools.