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Paul Onteri

Software Engineer

Welcome to Paul Onteri's corner of the internet!

Paul (he/him) is a modern magician, a Software Engineer, who loves speaking the language of robots, building software and solving exciting problems. Since he was young, he has been working with computers, making mods to popular games like GTA 3 since the age of fifteen.

One reason why he loves software engineering is that it gives him an opportunity to practice science, art and commerce all at the same time.

His current focus and talents are in building software with Python, JavaScript and Java.

In his spare time, he enjoys constantly experimenting with new technology and techniques, contributing to open source and building exciting projects that are available on his GitHub.

Some of the main goals of this site are to provide a place for him to share his thoughts and experiences with others and help combat gatekeeping in the tech industry. This in turn will help him learn and become a more competent Software Engineer.

Dreaming up ideas and making them come true is where his passion lies. You can find the full projects list here.

Head over to the now page to see what he's up to at the moment.

All views here are his own and are not endorsed by any company or organization.

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